David Amoroux (UPPA) at the GMOS-TRAIN event

Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour (UPPA)/CNRS Senior Scientist and Mer-Club partner David Amoroux took part in the GMOS-TRAIN event held between 6-7 December.

He works on capacity building projects for Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) at the GMOS-Train programme, as supervisor for the «MMHg sources in coastal ecosystem: new molecular and isotopic experimental speciation approaches» project. He is also co-supervisor for the projects «Marine Hg species dynamics and distribution» and «The role of terrestrial Hg in coastal and open oceans».

The  GMOS-Train programme has the purpose to better understand the global exchange of Hg between atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and biosphere. The next generation of young researchers will gain expertise through a network-based, highly interdisciplinary research training programme including atmospheric chemistry and physics, aquatic chemistry, ecology, analytical chemistry, multimedia modelling, and the use of science results for policy making. An additional feature is the strong inter-sectorial collaboration involving academic and non-academic partners, NGOs and international organisations.

It was a great opportunity to expand collaboration between Mer-Club and other projects seeking to fight mercury-contamination.