Mer-Club Researcher Carla Pereira at the Mersorcium Organizing Board

mercury cycling

Mersorcium is an international network of researchers specialized or interested in research related to mercury cycling in the environment. A platform for researchers interested in mercury research to share information, communicate and harness potential collaborations.

The Mersorcium website offer the most useful tool which is the literature survey with more than 200 papers related to mercury science. They also offer a mewsletter subscription to be updated in all news, including the upcoming trimestral seminars starting February.

Carla Pereira is working on her PhD thesis is in the framework of MERCLUB. «This project gave me the opportunity to initiate my mercury research and for extension the opportunity of being a board member in this fantastic collective, this great board composed from postdoctoral researchers Alyssa Azaroff, Eric Capo, Ben Peterson and PhD students Heyu Lin and myself» Pereira explains.

Eric Capo, one of our board members, had this idea of a sense of comradery and union for the people who love studying mercury. He reached out to the rest of the board members and we started to plan our space.

Carla Pereira, PhD student